Global market leader for building-based fire protection

Global market leader for building-based fire protection

Inventor of fire protection closures for continuous conveyor systems and textile fire protection solutions.

Stöbich Brandschutz

Reliable protection against flames and smoke

The company Stöbich Brandschutz GmbH has been the technology and world market leader in preventive building-related fire protection since 40 years, and manufactures standard designs and customised solutions for excellent architectural and industrial projects. All products are made in Germany. Export sales total approx. 25 %. With 11 of its own sales companies and selected partners, the company operates in more than 50 countries across the globe.

40 years Stöbich

The origins of this family-run Goslar company go back to 1978 when a large-scale fire in a Bahlsen factory caused damage that ran into the millions because the fire passed through the wall openings required for the conveyor systems thereby spreading to several parts of the factory.

And it was precisely for these openings in walls and ceilings that engineer Dr. Jochen Stöbich developed the first fire protection closures for conveyor systems, forming the basis for the rapid development and foundation of the company Stöbich Brandschutz.

Courage and enthusiasm for technology - Made in Germany

134 patents and 11 world innovations successfully established on the market

Stöbich has advanced to a fire protection specialist based on numerous fire tests and a large number of successful construction projects. For more than 40 years Stöbich has been setting global standards with respect to innovative prowess and key technologies. Its many years of experience and competence have allowed the company to keep coming up with pioneering innovations. Every new development raises the standard for improved constructive system properties and higher protection goals for the products. Since 2010 Stöbich has been listed in the Lexicon of German World Market Leaders and won as prize a as Top Innovator in 2015 and 2018.

Pioneer in structural fire protection

Continuous commitment to innovation and a wealth of know-how gained over the past 40 years have been the drivers behind the fire protection solutions for almost any application purpose. In particular with respect to the manufacture of fire and smoke-proof textiles, Stöbich Brandschutz has become an innovation leader that uses state-of-the-art materials to produce future-oriented products that meet both architectural and also technical requirements. Stöbich has advanced to a fire protection specialist due to the large number of successful construction projects in the past and numerous fire tests. The know-how it has amassed during this time is reflected in its broad product portfolio and comprehensive range of services. Many years of experience and competence have allowed the company to keep coming up with pioneering innovations. Every new development raises the standard for improved constructive system properties and higher protection goals for the products. The continuous improvement of the Stöbich solutions, a series of new ideas and their efficient implementation have secured the company a leading role in the fire protection sector for the past 40 years.

Production site Germany

From standard designs to customised solutions

Stöbich only develops and manufactures in Germany. Whether it is the conveyor system closures, fire protection curtains or smoke protection curtains, each and every system is produced at the Goslar site. Precision, permanent controls and long-standing ties with suppliers are prevailing quality standards.

Be it the construction of the control systems, metalworking or development of fabrics, the know-how and the production processes are all cultivated and maintained within the company group.

Fire protection for conveyor belts

The development has a history. In 1978 a large fire in the Bahlsen factory in Berlin caused damage in the millions. In those days, the affected conveyor belts transport the fire into several areas of the hall complex. In this case, the avoidable damage was around 6 million DM. The reason was that at this time there were no functioning or tested constructions available to shield continuous conveyor systems. Jochen Stöbich designed the first fire protection closures for this application case. Be it a valve construction form, damper construction, swing doors or sectional gate: Today, there is a suitable shielding solution for almost every installation situation and conveyor equipment variant. Each of these CSCs must ensure an uninterrupted conveyor process or may not hinder this. Manufacturers of conveyor systems assume that the conveyor system and the CSC work in harmony and ensure a reliable closing process.

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Performance capability of modern fire protection textiles

Application options with system diversity

When looking at a fabric that is only 1 mm thick, most people find it difficult to believe that it is able to withstand fires in the same way as solid closures like gates or doors. However, modern textiles are easily able to withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000°C verifiably for several hours. Also, these kinds of curtain systems with the right fabric structure can even reduce radiation by approx. 90%. There is a lot of development effort that goes into the production of these high-tech fabrics including complex weaving, coating and lamination techniques.

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The Stöbich Group

More than the sum of your companies!

The Stöbich Group has upstream and downstream areas along the actual value creation chain. The Stöbich group comprises 12 companies throughout Germany from the fields of control electronics, fabric development, insulation technology, optical measuring equipment, pollution and fire damage restoration, software development, new technologies and also service and maintenance.

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