Product - Turbocoil


Fast safety closure

Product description

Turbocoil is a new generation of high-speed closures designed to ensure smoke protection for conveyor systems. Turbocoil features a high speed of approximately 1.2 m/s, class DH 120 (ETK) and is approved for a C5 number of cycles. The system is delivered pre-assembled and prepared for screw installation on hoods provided by the customer.



Smoke aprons as part of track-bound conveyor systems

Smoke tightness

tested according to DIN EN 12101

Proof of usability

CE according to DIN EN 12101-1

Closing direction

From top to bottom


electromotive (standard)

Conveyor system

Interrupted conveyor system • Continuous belt conveyor system • Continuous travelling carriages • Continuous roller conveyor system • Continuous suspension chain conveyor



Product - Gate A-West, Frankfurt

Gate A-West, Frankfurt