Product - ECClos-D


Conveyor system closure designed as an economic combination of sleeve and gate

Product description

The particularly space-saving fire protection gate is designed as a double-leaf, swing-door closure. The two integrated, semi-circular collars encase the aluminium or steel rails passing through (including power rails) and seal them off. Thermal separation of the rail is not necessary. The gates can be opened manually and by motor. ECClos-D is suitable for continuous belt conveyors, roller conveyors and suspension chain conveyors, but primarily for electrical overhead tracks, circular conveyors and Power&Free systems.


Fire protection closure as part of track-bound conveyor systems

Closing direction

slewing horizontally

Fire resistance

EI1 120 • tested according to DIN EN 1366 • classified according to DIN EN 13501-2

Closing cycles

C3 number of closing cycles 50,000



Conveyor system

Electric monorail conveyor • Circular conveyor • Power & Free systems • Continuous belt conveyor system • Continuous roller conveyor system • Continuous suspension chain conveyor

  • ECClos-D
  • ECClos-D
  • ECClos-D
Constructive system design - Double leaf

a150c150 (mit Festfeld) / 298 (Manschette im Türflügel)s122

a150c150 (mit Festfeld) / 298 (Manschette im Türflügel)s122

Required wall quality


d ≥ 200 mm


d ≥ 200 mm

Aerated concrete

d ≥ 200 mm

Assembly walls

d ≥ 160 mm

Cladded steel construction

acc. to DIN 4102-4

Technical feasibility


1000 mm - 5000 mm


600 mm - 3000 mm