Product - Omnitube


Pipe shield for pneumatic conveyor lines

Product description

Pipe shields for temperatures of the conveyed material of up to 700 °C that do not obstruct the conveyor flow. Omnitube is used in waste gas and waste incineration plants, among other things. Standard fire protection closures are unable to withstand the high temperatures prevailing in these plants for long. With Omnitube the pipe connection is retracted and makes way for the fire damper. This is normally parked outside the temperature range. The system is designed for round and square cross-sections and does not affect normal conveying operations.



Tube closure

Proof of usability

European Technical Assessment - ETA


ETA-11/0267 • Z-6.6-469

Closing direction

from left to right • from right to left • From top to bottom

Fire resistance

EI1 120 • T 90

Conveyor system

Pneumatic conveyor systems • Continuous conveyor system