Product description

Single-leaf, vertically and horizontally closing fire protection closure for wall openings of web-bound Conveyor systems; separated and unseparated conveyor systems in the closing area.

Type of constructionFire protection closure in the course of railway-bound conveyor systems
Proof of usabilityETA-16/0851 European Technical Assessment
Closing directionfrom top to bottom | from left to right | from right to left
fire resistanceEI1 90 | tested according to DIN EN 1366-7:2004 | classified according to EN 13501-2:2007
Closing cyclesC5 | Number of closing cycles 200,000 | vertical closing direction
C4 | Number of closing cycles 100,000 | horizontal closing direction
Reopening motorized
Conveyor systemInterrupted conveyor system | Inclined conveyor system | Continuous belt conveyor system | Continuous Traversing carriage | Continuous suspension chain conveyor system | Continuous roller conveyor system | Continuous conveyor technology
Environmental conditionsNot considered are special environmental conditions (e.g. humidity > 80%, ambient temperature < 5 °C and > 45 °C, wind loads, etc.)
Environmental conditionsAttachments:
galvanized | RAL | stainless steel V2A material A-1.4301 (blank)

Fixed field and gate valve blade:
untreated | painted with dispersion paint similar to RAL 7016 | painted with dispersion paint similar to RAL | galvanized (coated) | powder coated (coated) RAL | stainless steel (coated) V2A material A-1.4301 (blank)

Size dimensions and system design

Due to the combination of classifications or the ratio of clear system width to clear system height, the stated maximum dimensions may be reduced and the dimensions of the enclosure and guide rails may vary. The specifications on the quotation apply.

Component (supporting structure) in which the closure may be installedachievable Fire resistance class
clear wall opening
largest width LBgreatest height LHlargest surface
Solid high-density wall, masonry or solid concrete with a total density of ≥ 800 kg/m3 and a thickness ≥ 150 mmEI1 90
EI2 90
3.600 mm4.200 mm10,0 m2
Solid low-density wall, aerated concrete with total density of ≥ 450 kg/m3 and thickness ≥ 150 mmEI1 90
EI2 90
3.600 mm4.200 mm10,0 m2

The installation situation must comply with the building code requirements of the country of installation. The fire resistance of a ceiling or wall support structure and the adjacent components must at least correspond to that of the fire protection closure. Proof of the stability and serviceability of the adjacent walls and components must be provided under general ambient conditions and in the event of fire. See also notes on the standard supporting structure in EN1366-7:2004 or EN1363-1:2020. The fire protection system must not be subjected to any additional loads other than its own weight, even in the event of fire.

Vertical system structure

a = 155 | c = 570 | f = 70 | s = 51

System structure horizontal

b = 260 | c = 270 | d = 500 | f = 70 | i = 425 | s = 51