Produkt - Universal-S


Product Description

The universal ceiling closure Universal-S is a sturdy damper construction for the space-saving installation in ceilings and floors. Application areas are, for instance, fire protection for lifting units and discharge chutes. The system serves to shield supports and load-bearing equipment by means of surrounding collars. Depending on the installation situation, the Universal-S can be supplied as a single or multiple-part model. The lifting shaft does not need to be cladded.


construction type

fire protection closure during ground bound conveyors


In continuous models, collars on the closing edges of the damper

closing direction

from left to right • from right to left



conveying system

floor conveyor • discharge chutes • floor lift

Constructive structure - System drawing

a 285 b 215 c 262 s 100 M 195

a 285 b 215 c 262 s 100 M 195

Required ceiling quality

Reinforced concrete

d ≥ 150 mm

Technical feasibility


400 mm - 900 mm


200 mm - 800 mm