Produkt - Omnitube


Product Description

Tube shields for conveyed goods temperatures of up to 1292 °F without inhibiting the conveyor flow.

Omnitube is also used in exhaust gas and waste incineration facilities. Standard fire protection closures cannot withstand the local high temperatures for very long. When using the Omnitube, the pipe connection is withdrawn, thereby clearing the way for the fire protection damper. This is otherwise parked outside the temperature range. The system is designed for round and square cross-sections and does not impair normal conveyor operations.


construction type

tube closure


ETA-11/0267 • Z-6.6-469

closing direction

from left to right • from right to left • from top to bottom

fire resistant

2 hours fire rating and 120 minutes insulation (engineering judgement necessary)

conveying system

pneumatic conveying systems • continuous conveyor system