Produkt - Turbocoil


Product Description

Turbocoil is a new generation of fast-closing closures to secure the smoke protection of conveyor systems. Turbocoil offers a high speed of approx. 47,2"/s, Class DH 120 (ETK) and has been verified with a cycle number C5. The system is pre-mounted and ready to be screwed to the on-site hoods.


construction type

Smoke curtains as part of rail-bound conveyors

smoke tightness

Tested in compliance with DIN EN 12101

closing direction

from top to bottom

fire resistant

smoke rated fabric up to 2,000 °F (engineering judgement necessary)


Motorised (standard)

conveying system

interrupted conveyor systems • Continuous belt conveyor • Continuous travelling carriages • continuous roller conveyor • Continuous chain conveyor



Produkt - Flugsteig A-West, Frankfurt

Flugsteig A-West, Frankfurt