Product description

Conveyor system termination with fast-running function for both uninterrupted and interrupted conveyor sections

Direction of closingfrom top to bottom | from bottom to top | from left to right | from right to left
Fire resistanceEI2 90 | tested according to EN 1366-7:2004 | classified according to EN 13501-2:2007
Closing cyclesC5 | 200.000 closing cycles | classified according to DIN EN 13501-2:2007 | vertical closing direction
C4 | 100.000 closing cycles | classified according to DIN EN 13501-2:2007 | horizontal closing direction
Conveyor systemsBelt conveyor technology | Suspension chain conveyor technology | Roller conveyor technology
Visible surfacesGalvanised, RAL

System components:
1 = Housing
2 = Guide rails
3 = Counterweight
4 = Shut-off element
5 = Drive motor
6 = Control system with operating unit

Size dimensions and system structure

The combination of classifications or the ratio of clear system width to clear system height may reduce the maximum dimensions stated and the dimensions of the housing and guide rails may vary. The specifications on the quotation apply.

ClassificationSize max.* [y x r] in mmnecessary wall quality
E 1202000 x 2500≥ 200 mm masonry/solid concrete
EW 602000 x 2500≥ 200 mm masonry/solid concrete
EI2 902000 x 2500≥ 200 mm masonry/solid concrete

min. Dimension 1000 x 1000 mm
* The dimension refers to the system BR 100 with fast running function

The installation situation must comply with the building code requirements of the country of installation. The fire resistance of a ceiling or wall support structure and the adjacent components must at least correspond to that of the fire and/or smoke protection closure/fire and/or smoke protection curtain. Evidence of the stability and serviceability of the adjacent walls and structural components must be provided under general ambient conditions and in the event of fire. See also notes on the standard supporting structure in EN1366-7:2004 and EN1363-1:2020 respectively. The fire protection system must not be subjected to any additional loads other than its own weight, even in the event of a fire.