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DESY Innovation Centre Bahrenfeld | Hamburg, Germany

The start-up labs of the DESY Innovation Centre are home to scientific innovations and new technologies relevant to society. The state-of-the-art complex of offices and laboratories is a joint project of the University of Hamburg, the City of Hamburg and, of course, the internationally renowned German Electron Synchrotron DESY. All the young entrepreneurs have a scientific background and are working here on groundbreaking products and services, for example in cancer research.

What hardly anyone knows is that the fire protection systems installed in the building are also high-tech. 12 ➥ smoke protection curtains of the Fiberseal series cleverly conceal themselves in their narrow housings and reliably protect people and equipment from toxic gases in the event of fire.

Picture credits: © DFZ Architekten

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Reference - Fibershield®-P


The premium textile fire protection curtain for high demands and large dimensions

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The partition-forming smoke apron for high demands

Reference - Fiberseal


In case of an alarm, self-closing smoke protection closure of textile construction or non-heat-insulating fire and smoke protection curtain in vertical installation position and closing direction.

Reference - Fibershield®-E


The economical textile fire protection curtain with the highest degree of standardisation