Bye-bye, school - hello, STÖBICH!

Bye-bye, school - hello, STÖBICH!

Welcome to STÖBICH! Next Saturday we invite interested pupils together with their parents to the open day, keyword: "TschüssSchule". It's going to be exciting!

On Saturday, 14.05.2022, the Goslar-based family business STÖBICH will open its doors as part of the career orientation fair "TschüssSchule", an event organised by the vocational schools Goslar-Baßgeige/Seesen. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., pupils from all types of schools are invited to our showroom at Dörntener Str. 17.

There, our apprentices will present their apprenticeship professions of mechatronics engineer, construction mechanic, technical product designer and industrial clerk using practical examples such as computer-aided design. Hands-on activities such as building a tentacle robot or a torch also provide practical orientation. Those who are more interested in a commercial career can also experience a typical day of industrial business management at the fire protection company. This training also opens up the possibility of an additional qualification to become a European business administrator, including a work placement abroad.

We also give interested schoolchildren and their relatives a tour of our production facilities. The highlight of the day is a live fire test, which will take place at 12.30 p.m. in the car park at Dörntener Str. 17.

We look forward to an exciting get-together with good conversation over coffee and cake.

Do you fancy an apprenticeship at STÖBICH? We look forward to receiving motivated applications: recruiting@stoebich.com