System: StrainBox | Model: XS

StrainBox XS

Product description

The StrainBox XS makes it possible to transport critical and defective lithium-ion batteries in an ADR-compliant manner and to store them safely. The size and construction have been specifically designed for the storage and transport of batteries used in e-bikes, laptops, gardening equipment and power tools, for example.

All packaging in the StrainBox series has an integrated filter system that filters out a large proportion of the toxic gases. filtered out to a large extent. Harmful dusts and particles are retained and the escape of solids, liquids and flames is prevented.

Due to the integrated thermal management, there is no critical temperature increase of the outer walls. Should the should the batteries inside accidentally leak, contamination in the vicinity of the packaging is prevented.

For the protection of persons and material goods, the StrainBox XS also has the typical safety features that are so only the products of Stöbich Brandschutz GmbH offer. These include the filter system, the mechanically resistant construction and the integrated thermal management.

Main featuresADR-compliant transport of critical and defective lithium-ion batteriesRetention of liquids and solids
Pressure-resistant constructionSecure and stable locking
Integrated gas filter systemNeutralisation of the pollutant gases that occur
Mechanical strength Protection of persons and property
Tested complete systemAbsorption and dissipation of thermal energy
No escape of sparks and flamesNo dusting fillers

Product features

Technical data
StrainBox XS
StrainBox XS Charge
External dimensions La x Ba x Ha
805 x 461 x 250 mm
887 x 461 x 250 mm
Inner dimensions L1 x B1 x H1
700 x 250 x 200 mm
max. empty weight
44 kg
46 kg
max. payload (transport)
27,5 kg
25,5 kg
max. energy content
3,5 kWh
35 l
approved UN dangerous goods packaging with X-coding for transport in accordance with ADR, RID and IMDG Code*

* Transport modes road, rail, inland and maritime shipping; Stöbich is a manufacturer of dangerous goods packaging with a recognised quality assurance programme in accordance with BAM dangerous goods regulations.
StrainBox XS

StrainBox XS
The Charge variant offers a pressure- and temperature-resistant multiple cable bushing that can be individually assigned for charging and testing purposes.
Description of the components
Gas filter system
Locking system
Lashing eyes for load securing
Gas springs
Cable gland (StrainBox XS Charge)
Number plate holder for signage
It is possible to adapt the dimensions to customer requirements after prior consultation.