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Hamburg State Opera | Hamburg, Germany

Three times culture under one roof: The Hamburg State Opera unites the Hamburg State Opera, the Philharmonic State Orchestra and the Hamburg Ballet on Große Theaterstraße. It has been at this address since 1827, but its history actually goes back to 1678, when the opera was founded on Gänsemarkt. Thus, Telemann, Händel and Mahler already filled the Hamburg State Opera with their famous instrumental sounds.

After its renovation in the winter of 2004, the historic venue shines with an interesting glass façade. And inside, in addition to the opulent productions, a gigantic fire protection curtain from STÖBICH also shines, which unrolls in case of fire: the ➥ Fibershield®-P is our premium product for large dimensions. In the Hamburg State Opera it measures a proud 16 x 10 meters - structural fire protection in grandiose cast!

Picture credits: © Niklas Marc Heinecke

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