Product description

Due to the foaming penetration seal system, no clearing of the closing area is necessary for non-combustible conveyed material. There are no moving bulkhead elements in this system, resulting in a small space requirement on the wall panel. The collar fulfils the requirement of fire resistance class EI 90 according to DIN EN 1634-1 with conveyed material "totally filled bottle conveyor".

Construction TypeFire protection closure as part of track-bound conveyor systems
Closing directionIntumescent swelling on all sides
Fire resistanceTested according to DIN EN 1634-1
Closing cyclesNot required, because there are no moving parts
Re-openingnot required
Conveyor systemContinuous roller conveyor system | Continuous suspension chain conveyor | Continuous belt conveyor system | Circular conveyor

Structural system design (system drawing)

a = 140
Technical feasibility
LH≤ 500 mm
LB≤ 300 mm

bprovided that
300 mmB < 100 mm and LH < 300 mm
500 mm100 mm < LB < 200 mm and 300 mm < LH < 500 mm
1000 mm200 mm < LB < 300 mm and LH < 320 mm