Copy Cap

Fire protection for copiers & co.

Fire protection for copiers & co.

Copy machines, printers and also beverage vending machines are in almost every company. Sometimes they run really hot and can start burning under certain circumstances. How to prevent the fire from spreading uncontrollably, know the fire protection experts from STÖBICH and PROTEC-24.

Copiers and other devices of comparable size are often easily accessible in hallways that also serve as escape routes. Unfortunately, a large fire risk emanates from the electronic everyday helpers: The heating of the fuser unit and a failure of the thermal switch can lead to overheating and consequently to an incipient fire. Once the smoke is in the hallway, it becomes a fire hazard. And even if no one is on site, the toxic fumes cause significant damage, necessitating renovation and consequent business interruption.

Intelligent fire protection can consequently save livelihoods. STÖBICH and our service partner PROTEC-24 have for copiers and similar electronic equipment the ➥ Copy-Cap developed in various designs: a fire protection hood that, after the smoke detector is triggered, deploys within 10 seconds ➥ slips over the burning device . Smoke development is stopped immediately by the textile system; escape routes remain clear and any building damage is kept within limits.

Due to its flat design and individual color scheme, the Copy-Cap discreetly blends into the room design. The metal surface can be used simultaneously as a memo board for notes and notices in a central location. After release, the fire protection hood can be returned to its original position in no time at all, which also saves costs. Also helpful: PROTEC-24 offers all-round carefree service for copy caps, from development and installation to maintenance and servicing.