Stoebich Smoke Curtain GX

Smoke Curtain GX

Product Description

The Smoke Curtain GX is designed for elevators to prevent the spread of smoke via elevator shafts to other levels. Standard system dimensions are up to 10' x 10'. Oversized designs up to 12’ x 12’ can be produced but require clarification. The automatic mechanism allows the housing flap to open and close automatically. The flexible magnetic strips are attached to the edges of the fabric which then creates a tight seal with the auxiliary rails upon deployment. The design is integrated into the space almost invisibly to create a visually appealing look. The system is operated by a gravigen motor with a fail safe operation using 110V AC / 24V DC. Optional a hold open time of 20 minutes in case of power loss is available.

Construction typeSmoke protection curtain for elevator
FabricAperitex | Sipex
Closing directionFrom top to bottom
Smoke Curtain GX

Legend System components:
1 = Aramid cables
2 = Magnetic strip
3 = Fabric (clear transparent)
4 = Housing
5 = Switch for re-opening

System width (SB)Drop length (AL)Depth (t)Height (h)


h = 10.24' | t = 9.84'

h = 10.24' | t = 9.84'

Side Guides

Wide (for system width > 78.74')
b = 4.72'

Narrow (for system width < 78.74')
b = 2.36'