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adidas logistics center | Rieste, Germany

In 1949, Adolf Dassler founded the adidas shoe factory with 47 employees at the beginning and registered the well-known three stripes as a trademark in the same year. In the following years, the first clothing products for athletes were launched and the brand became increasingly well-known. Today, adidas is one of the most famous sporting goods manufacturers in the world. The adidas logistics center in Rieste plays a central role in the efficient organization and dispatch of goods. At 74,000 m², it is the largest distribution center for the adidas Group.

The installation of several fire protection systems from STÖBICH, the ➥ GCC conveyor system closures and the ➥Fiberseal smoke protection curtains, ensures that in the event of a fire, the spread of fire and smoke is prevented to protect both employees and high-value goods.

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