Product presentation with a difference - online instead of offline

Product presentation with a difference - online instead of offline

Product presentation with a difference - online instead of offline

The new explanatory videos from STOEBICH show the exciting world of structural fire protection.

For some time now, trade fairs, events and discussions have been taking place almost exclusively on digital platforms. We have adapted to this and started to make our products available online as well.

STOEBICH Brandschutz is an expert in preventive structural fire protection. In the past, we have always been happy to demonstrate our expertise in textile fire protection solutions and conveyor system closures to our customers and interested parties at presence events.

Touchable products and face-to-face discussions provided the basis for explaining questions about building fire protection. Due to current events, we took on the challenge of digitally depicting our product world and the associated subject areas.

The result is two first explanatory videos on the subject of "Passable smoke barriers" and "Heat-insulating fire protection closures of textile design". Both videos revolve around textile fire protection solutions, which are an aesthetic alternative to conventional bulkheads, especially for many architects. Especially in difficult spaces and large openings, the curtain systems are considered problem solvers.

Passable smoke protection "Stripecoil" in the smoke aisle

Smoke protection Stripecoil STÖBICH
Smoke protection Stripecoil STÖBICH

The smoke aisle, which we developed especially for live experiences, offers a special kind of experience. Inside the exhibit, a smoke machine is used to simulate and "walk through" a smoke. This serves to illustrate difficult breathing and visibility conditions in the escape route in the event of a fire and the associated smoke development. The floor-closing smoke curtain creates an effective smoke barrier in necessary corridors or escape corridors. Toxic smoke and fire gases are retained, and at the same time people can pass through the CE-marked smoke apron without barriers.

The system can be realised for almost unlimited widths and an unrolling length of up to 3.5 metres. The passenger passage frequency is approx. 200 people per minute with a system width of 3 m. See more in the video, it's worth a look!

Thermally insulating fire protection closure "Fibershield®-I" in the fire container

Fibershield-I STÖBICH
STÖBICH Fire container

With the mobile fire container, we demonstrate the performance of modern textile fire protection products. In the process, a fire is started inside the container so that the temperature inside the container rises to over 700 °C and the container's outer walls heat up accordingly.

The example of the fabric installed in the container wall clearly shows how not only heat radiation is reduced, but also thermal insulation is achieved. In a real fire test conducted by a testing institute, the high-performance fabric even withstands temperatures of more than 1000 °C for two hours. Hands-on fire protection in the truest sense.

Our mobile fire container, specially converted for these demonstration purposes, is usually used at trade fairs or customer events. To find out exactly what happens to the fabric of the heat-insulating fire protection closure, take a look at our video right now!

STÖBICH Virtual Reality


In times of increasing digitalisation and virtualisation, STÖBICH offers its customers an immersive product experience. This means that STÖBICH solutions can be experienced in an impressive way in sales through the use of virtual reality and 360° videos. STÖBICH® VR gives you impressive insights into the world of textile fire protection.

Today, people increasingly want to experience rather than just "watch". They want to immerse themselves. And if not in reality, then at least virtually. Technically, all this is no longer a problem. 360° videos, VR and AR are already more than a trend and represent the next level of product presentation. They catapult us to another place in the blink of an eye. Products can be explained interactively and visually, are within reach. Projects become walk-throughs without actually being on site.

For architects and planners, STÖBICH opens up completely new possibilities. Accompanied by the sales department, our motto in future will be: Glasses on. Experience on!