System: StrainLock


Product description

Lithium-ion batteries generate pressure surges in the event of an accident, which can be accompanied by explosions. The resulting gases are highly toxic. This has fundamentally changed the hazard scenario compared to the classic hazardous goods cabinets: The fire hazard no longer acts on the cabinet from the outside, it acts from the inside and is accompanied by flames, explosions and toxic gases.

The StrainLock is the solution for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries. The new development for this special hazard scenario has a filter system that retains toxic gases and dusts as well as sparks and flames.

The integrated thermal management prevents a critical temperature of the outer walls. Should a battery inside the StrainLock have an accident, the safety measures taken prevent the spread of fire and contamination of the surrounding area.

External dimensionsLa x Wa x Ha | 718 x 692 x 1,966 mm
Compartment dimensionsL x W x H | 574 x 535 x 258 mm
Unladen weight388 kg
Carrying capacity5 x 50 kg
max. energy content5 x 2.5 kWh

Description of components

Gas control system
Socket strips (optional)
Flame spread inhibiting shelves
Stable locking
Pull-out drawers (optional)
Cable entry (optional)
Integrated filter system
Height adjustment of the stand
Under-run stand

Main features

Also for critical and defective lithium-ion batteries
Integrated gas filter system
Mechanical resistance
Tested overall system
No escape of sparks and flames
No leakage of liquids and solids
The circuit of each compartment has a separate fuse
Safe and sturdy locking mechanism
Durable construction
Protection of persons and property
The drawers close individually in the event of an accident


Colour selectable
Socket strip
Extendable drawers
Individually assignable cable entry

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