Fire protection for conveyor systems

Groundbreaking then and now: fire protection for conveyor systems

More than 40 years ago, our company founder Dr.-Ing. Jochen Stöbich developed the first fire protection closure for continuous conveyor systems. Today, the STÖBICH Group is represented worldwide and is a leader in preventive structural fire protection. A success story in fast forward.

In 1978, a fire destroyed large parts of the Bahlsen factory in Berlin because at that time there were neither functioning nor tested constructions for sealing off continuous conveyor systems.

This catastrophe was also the inspiration for a groundbreaking product development: a new era began in 1980 with the first conveyor system closure (FAA) from STÖBICH. The system reliably closes the wall openings through which the conveyor technology runs in the event of a fire, without impairing the transport process during production.

Whether as a sliding design, flap design, swing door or sectional door: today, STÖBICH has a suitable sealing solution for almost every installation situation and conveyor technology variant - so that everything will continue to run safely in terms of fire protection in the future.

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