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News - Stöbich Fire Protection: News

Stöbich Fire Protection: News

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Rezidence pro seniory Sonnenbogen, Brémy

Rezidence pro seniory Sonnenboge sídlící v Brémách nabízí starým lidem celodenní odbornou péči a atraktivní a bezpečný domov obklopený parkem. Ve čtyřech obytných částech, rozdělených na čtyřy úrovně budovy, poskytuje pečovatelské zařízení 79 ošetřovatelským místům. Středem budovy je otevřené atrium, které prochází všemi patry budovy až zcela nahoru, kde je ukončeno skleněnou kopulí. O světlé a otevřené životní prostředí se postaral jak dopad světla, tak i nepřerušovaná komunikace v jednotlivých podlažích.

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A different approach to fire protection

In many cases the required fire sections are not straight, but are bent or at an angle due to the design of the building.

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Fire protection in buildings with rail-bound intralogistics

It is a long road from developing the usage concept through to commissioning a logistics centre or a building with an intralogistics infrastructure.

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FeuerTRUTZ 2016 - Photo sequence

Well over 6,000 trade visitors from 26 countries came to the FeuerTRUTZ 2016 in Nuremberg. 245 exhibitors presented their products to the experts and professionals from the fire protection industry.

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Fire protection for electric vehicles

If the government get their way, there will be one million electric vehicles on the roads by the year 2020. They are quiet, generate no emissions, are efficient and represent an environmentally-friendly alternative to the finite crude oil-based fuels; however the lithium batteries used in these vehicles pose a threat that should not be underestimated!

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7. Czotscher fire protection day

On 26th April leading specialists spoke about different fire protection issues in the exhibition tower in Frankfurt. Stöbich also held an in-depth lecture about fire protection closures for rail-bound conveyor systems and textile conveyor systems. The occasion is the 7th Czotscher fire protection day.

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New clinic Minden

Three-year construction period, 210 million euros, a useful space of 46,000 sqm, 864 beds... The new Johannes Wesling Clinic in Minden that was opened in 2008 not only sets standards in the medical field. In particular, the modern fire and smoke protection systems make this building complex a role model in terms of safety.

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Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen

Architectural design and effective protection – Stöbich offers solutions for special requirements relating to smoke protection and smoke control.

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The Stöbich Group

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Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS), Antwerp Belgium

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The new research centre CFK NORTH

Rotating Stöbich smoke curtains allow halls to be separated into fire sections in a mobile manner, and also allow dust-free working in over-pressure areas of the unique Research Centre for Lightweight Construction in Stade.

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Excellent fire protection

Numerous prizes and awards for innovative fire protection solutions prove that Stöbich products satisfy the highest of aesthetic and architectural standards for building concepts.

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Textile fire protection and architecture

Many building-related fire protection measures are required to satisfy valid building regulations, guidelines and insurance conditions. Fire and smoke protection solutions play an important role here. The onus should be on function following form to respect the architectural design.

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Fire protection for conveyor belts

Automatic conveyor systems are the lifeline for many companies. They guarantee continuous flows of material and goods by transporting these items to all areas in the company, through openings in fire walls and ceilings. This is where so-called conveyor system closures are used.

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Performance capability of fire protection curtains

For many architects, textile fire protection curtains are an aesthetic alternative to fire protection doors, gates or dampers. These curtain systems are also seen as a great solution when space is tight or if there are large openings, which is why they are growing in popularity among planners.

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Live fire tests on site

A textile withstanding a temperature of more than 1,832 °F which remains intact for several hours? A fabric with a thickness of 0.03" which reduces the passage of radiation by approx. 90 % (to put it simply)? Come and see the performance capability of modern fire protection textiles in a live fire test.

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BMW-World, Munich

The show kitchen at the Club restaurants in the BMW World in Munich is fitted with invisible fire protection comprising textile fire closures

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