Product description

In the event of fire, the fire protection closure automatically closes a wall opening, through which conveyor lines (f.e.: interrupted or continuous Roll-, Belt- oder Carrying-Chain-Conveyors) are passing.

TypeHorizontal and vertical sliding fire door for conveyor openings
Closing directionFrom left to right | from right to left | from top to bottom
Certificate of ComplianceApproval Identification: PR454726
Fire resistanceUp to 3 hour rated
DurabilityN.a. for weightbalanced systems
Conveying SystemsInterrupted or continuous Roll-, Belt- oder Carrying-Chain-Conveyors

Constructive system design (system drawing)

Type of Wall:

Brick-Wall 8,5 In, Concrete-Wall, Masonry-Walls, Steel jamb Plates embedded in concrete or masonry walls – or equal value

Width oft the Opening (decimal Inch):

width: 70,8 In, height: 84,6 In, area: 598,9 In²

Vertical Sliding

RGT vertical

Horizontally Sliding