Product description

Combination of gate and collar for complex conveyor systems ECClos®-K is the robust and safe gate solution for circular conveyors and Power&Free Systems. The system uses intumescent collars to safely shield continuous circular conveyors and is also suitable for the passage of several conveyor lines. The damper in sandwich design features is completely enclosed by a sheet metal casing and thus very sturdy. Especially convenient for transport and easy installation: ECClos®-K is delivered in compact segments that are easy to assemble.

TypeFire protection closure during ground bound conveyors
Closing directionfrom right to left | from bottom to top | from left to right
Fire resistanceClassified in compliance with DIN EN 13501-2
Closing cycles10,000 cycles (drive unit)
Re-openingMotorised (standard)
Conveyor systemCircular conveyor | Power & Free systems | Continuous circular conveyor | Continuous overhead conveyor

Structural system design (system drawing)

a = 282 | b = 930 | c = 150 | j = 300 | s = 122
Required wall quality
Brickworkacc. to DIN 1053-1
Concreteacc. to DIN 1045
Aerated concreteacc. to DIN 4165
Wall thicknessd ≥ 200 mm
Lightweight stud partitionacc. to DIN 4102

Technical feasibility
LB500 mm - 6700 mm
LH500 mm - 4000 mm