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Stadttheater | Lippstadt, Germany

From creative cabaret to grand opera: culture comes alive in the completely renovated Stadttheater Lippstadt. The renovation work took two seasons, but it was worth the wait: modern lighting and sound technology, a new acoustic ceiling and auditorium lighting as well as comfortable theatre chairs and other innovations make a visit a feast for the senses. Not necessarily visible at first glance, additional escape routes, a new emergency exit and barrier-free conversions, together with the high-quality fresh air system, create more safety. Our fire curtains ➥ Fibershield®-P join the ranks here: They also remain discreetly in the background, but in case of fire they reliably protect people and inventory from fire and smoke. Here, the textile systems from STÖBICH prove true greatness and effectively seal off even oversized room openings.


Built-in Stöbich products in similar reference

Reference - Stoebich Fire & Smoke Curtain P

Stoebich Fire & Smoke Curtain P

The premium textile fire protection closure to match highest demands and to achieve large dimensions

Reference - Stoebich Smoke Curtain P

Stoebich Smoke Curtain P

The traditional automatic smoke curtain to match highest demands and large dimensions

Reference - Stoebich Smoke Curtain T

Stoebich Smoke Curtain T

The tight smoke protection closure with the classification for high pressures and a smoke temperature of 392 °F