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Juridicum Christian-Albrechts-University | Kiel, Germany

Architecture at the cutting edge: the Juridicum at Kiel Christian Albrechts University impresses not only with its modern look, but also with its sustainable construction, with which it is set to achieve BNB Gold status. It is the first new building in the course of the structural campus redevelopment.

In the 5-story teaching, research and library building, open staircases, spacious corridor zones and many skylights provide a bright, pleasant atmosphere. The installed fire protection systems should not disturb the noble interior design and should be integrated into the overall picture as discreetly as possible - a clear case for STÖBICH:

The almost invisibly installed smoke and fire protection curtains feature slim housings and high-tech textiles. On different levels, they seal off the floors both vertically and horizontally as well as creating space. Fire protection can be this versatile!

Picture credits: © Jörg Hempel Photography

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