Reference - Referenzbericht: Augustkirche/ Universität Leipzig, Leipzig

Augustus church/ University of Leipzig

According to records, the University of Leipzig has existed since 1409 and was founded by the Prague Magister and scholars. Since then, the university has been making history, including a Nobel prize awarded to Werner Heisenberg for physics in 1933 retrospectively for 1932. In addition to its successes, the University of Leipzig survived the consequences of the Second World War during which it lost 60 % of all buildings. In the following years, it was rebuilt and today it has 14 faculty members for approximately 28,275 students.(Source: www.zv.uni-leipzig.de)

Built-in Stöbich products in similar reference

Reference - Stoebich Fire & Smoke Curtain S

Stoebich Fire & Smoke Curtain S

The room creating textile fire protection closure that goes around the corner

Reference - Stoebich Fire Curtain F

Stoebich Fire Curtain F

The textile fire protection closure for openings in façades, installation outside a building