System: Low pressure water mist system

Low pressure water mist system

Product description

The low-pressure water mist system (NDWN) is an environmentally friendly alternative to many conventional extinguishing methods and is used in many different areas. Due to the lower consumption of water and electricity, it works very efficiently. The water mist generated by pressure and special nozzles fights fires particularly well and quickly due to its high cooling capacity and the effect of oxygen displacement.

The compact design means that the low-pressure water mist system can also be installed in areas with little space, such as test stands or transformer stations. Low operating and maintenance costs enable low-cost operation.

On customer request, this system can be designed in combination with an early fire detection system to form a system solution.

Main featuresIntegrated fire alarm control panel with extinguishing controlReduces the amount of contaminated extinguishing water
Operation possible for 2 separate extinguishing areasLow energy consumption
High cooling capacity and oxygen displacement through finest water nebulisationCombinable with water treatment and recirculation
Reduced extinguishing water requirementEmergency power supply and buffering via battery possible

Product features

Technical data
Dimensions L x W x H
834 x 602 x 1,783 mm
Delivery quantity
1.8 to 9 m³/h
max. operating pressure
25 bar
Extinguishing ranges
2 (1 in standard, 1 optional)
2.5 to 7.5 kW
400 V/50 Hz
200 kg
Number of LOOPs (BMZ)
1 (240 participants)
Relay outputs (BMZ)
3 (of which 1 is preset as fault)
CE | VdS (FACP) | EN-54 (FACP) | FM (nozzles)
Niederdruckwassernebelanlage (NDWN)

System components legend:
1 = Range valves for up to 2 ranges
2 = Integrated fire panel with extinguishing control
3 = Maintenance-free low-pressure pump

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