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    Product - ECClos-Q


    conveyor system closure as a space-saving, robust flap in sheet panel construction

    Product Description

    The horizontally rotatable shutter construction requires very little space in the lintel area, making it an alternative to conventional gate valve closures. The ECClos-Q meets the requirements of the classifications EI 30 to EI 120 and EW 240 (gas concrete). The shutter blade is made in a very stable sandwich construction and completely enclosed by a sheet metal cover. The ECClos-Q is suitable for continuous and separate conveyor systems, such as baggage belt conveyors. For continuous conveying techniques, the fixed field is customized and the surface can be designed according to customer requirements in various designs.


    construction type

    fire protection closure during ground bound conveyors

    closing direction

    Vertical swinging

    fire resistant

    4 hours fire rating and 120 minutes insulation in accordance with European test standard (EN 1366-7)

    closing cycle

    C5 number of closing cycles 200.000


    Motorised (standard)

    conveying system

    Continuous belt conveyor • Continuous chain conveyor • continuous roller conveyor • continuous conveyor system


    Ausschreibungstext [ DOCX / 292.12 KB ]

    Produktzulassung (LPCB) [ PDF / 3.14 MB ]

    Datasheet [PDF]

    Constructive structure - System drawing - Bracket



    Required wall quality

    Wall thickness

    d ≥ 200 mm


    acc. to DIN 1053-1


    acc. to DIN 1045

    Aerated concrete

    acc. to DIN 4165

    Lightweight stud partition

    acc. to DIN 4102

    Approval area


    850 mm - 1955 mm


    900 mm - 1380 mm

    Technical feasibility


    up to 4500 mm


    up to 2500 mm

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