Flood and storage containers

Flood and storage containers

Product description

The flood and storage containers are used to safely hold defective and non-defective battery storage units. Each of the stationary containers is designed to store batteries with a total rated energy of 125 kWh. In the event of an accident, the integrated fire detection system initiates rapid flooding of the respective storage location. In this way, the batteries are cooled at an early stage and a thermal runaway is prevented in the best possible way. In the central water storage tank with frost protection and water treatment, water is available for flooding both containers. To ensure adequate environmental protection, the system is equipped with pollutant gas filters. In addition to the visual-acoustic alarm on site, the system can also be integrated into an existing fire alarm system. In addition, a status and alarm message is possible via the SMC app on mobile devices.

External dimensions of entire system9,494 x 3,400 x 3,508 mm (W x H x D)*
Internal dimensions storage space2,400 x 1,500 x 1,700 mm (W x H x D)*
Storage energy content per storage location max125 kWh
Flood height1,000 mm*
Capacity water storage13,000 litres
Voltage400 V / 50 Hz
ApprovalCE | VdS (FACP and detection) | EN 54 (FACP and detection)

* Deviating parameters on request
Flood and storage containers

Legend of system components:
1 = Control system with fire alarm control panel
2 = Water storage tank with frost protection and treatment
3 = Harmful gas filter system
4 = Flood and storage container

Main features

Two floodable storage bays to accommodate battery storage
Loading opening can be manually closed by means of tightly closing hinged door, can be loaded with forklift
Monitoring of the storage bins and detection of a damage event
Display of the storage bin status "Average"
Automatic flooding system for separate flooding of both storage bins, separate water reservoir with water treatment and protection against freezing
Integrated noxious gas filter with automatic, active extraction for filtration of gases produced in the event of an accident
Additional safety through pressure relief elements


Dimensions flood and storage container
Dimensions flood and storage container
Dimensions flood and storage container