Powerpac Typ3


The Powerpac is an energy storage device for bridging short mains failures or voltage fluctuations in the feed-in voltage of the hold-open system.

The Powerpac is maintenance-free and has a service life of up to 10 years.

ManufacturerProtronic Innovative Steuerungselektronik GmbH, Grimmaische Str. 92, D-04828 Bennewitz
Maximum operating voltage28 V
Max. extractable current1 A, electronic cut-off at 1.4 A
Max. Charging currentincreasing up to approx. 80 mA
Recharge time (discharged pack)approx. 50 minutes
Charging time (partial discharge)approx. 30 minutes
Temperature range-25 °C to +40 °C
Bridging timemax. 10 min (depending on connected load)
Lifetimeup to 10 years
ConnectionConnector 2-pole, by Jointech, type: A2501H-02P, dimensions: 5.6 mm x 5.7 mm x 7.7 mm
Max. Dimensions118 x 27 x 55 mm (LxWxH)
The bridging time of the Powerpac depends on the connected load


Example - Table for common unit combinations

Device configurationLoad current at 24 VBridging time
RZ8 + 1x Holding magnet0,115 Aapprox. 9 minutes 48 seconds
RZ8 + AM-S0,350 Aapprox. 3 minutes 28 seconds
RZ8 + 2x AM-S0,600 Aapprox. 2 minutes 5 seconds
RZ8 + AM-U0,400 Aapprox. 3 minutes 3 seconds
RZ8 + 2 x AM-U0,750 Aapprox. 1 minutes 42 seconds

The Powerpack keeps the output voltage of the power supply constant at 22 VDC over the bridging period. When the stored energy is used up, the PP3 switches off the output voltage to 0 VDC.

CAUTION: A short circuit of the charged Powerpac can damage the electronics. Please check the Powerpac after a short circuit and replace it if necessary. The defective Powerpac can be repaired in many cases. Please send it to Protronic, stating a QS number.

When using the PP3 in a hold-open system type RZ8 with the aBZ Z-6.500-2436 aBG RZ8 RZ24-FA, it is no longer necessary to change the loop resistance from 4k7 to 5k9.

The Powerpac type 3 (PP3) replaces the Powerpac type 2 (PP2). The PP3 is downward compatible and can therefore be used as a replacement for a PP2.