Reference - Referenzbericht: Augustkirche/ Universität Leipzig, Leipzig

Augustus church/ University of Leipzig

According to records, the University of Leipzig was founded in 1409 by Prague magisters and scholars. The university has always made history and its chronicle even includes a Nobel Prize, which was awarded to Werner Heisenberg for physics in 1933, retroactively for the year 1932. Leipzig University also had to suffer from the consequences of World War II and lost around 60 percent of its buildings at that time. In the following years, it was rebuilt and today, with 14 faculties, it is home to around 28,275 students. (Source: www.zv.uni-leipzig.de)

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The space creating textile fire protection curtain that leads around the corner

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Non-insulating fire and smoke protection closure of textile construction

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The textile fire protection curtain for openings in façades, installation outside a building