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    Here you can find easily the product of your choice. Please just enter the first letters of the product name and select the requested product from the shown list. The overview about our system portfolio you will find using the menue items.

    Product - USV


    Uninterruptible power supply for the industrial sector

    Product description

    Power supply for conveyor system drives, for clearing of the closing area of conveyor system closures


    Product designation

    Power supply

    Rated voltage

    380…415VC (three-phase + N)

    Mains frequency


    Power factor


    Rated output

    10 kVA • 15 kVA • 20 kVA

    Effective power

    9 kW • 13.5 kW • 18 kW

    Fuse protection, to be provided by customer

    10kVA 40A

    Characteristic B or C

    15kVA 63A • 20kVA 63A

    Overload capacity

    125% 10 minutes • 150% 1 minute • 168% 5 seconds

    Batteries UPS

    40x12V 7.2Ah

    Potential-free outputs

    Battery operation • Battery undervoltage

    Casing (type)

    VX 8205.000

    Casing (size)


    Casing (colour)

    similar to RAL 7035

    Degree of protection

    IP 54

    Ambient temperature


    Air conditioning



    Data sheet [PDF]

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