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    Here you can find easily the product of your choice. Please just enter the first letters of the product name and select the requested product from the shown list. The overview about our system portfolio you will find using the menue items.

    Product - Smokeshield-C


    The curved smoke curtain with a leckage of 0%

    Product Description

    Closed, curved smoke protection curtain run in a circular or elliptical form or open curved (snake-like) smoke protection curtain For the time class and temperature class D 60 and/or D 120 (600°C) No residual openings because there are no overlaps, instead there is a ,closed fabric track Integrated into the suspended ceilings Connection to the ceiling mirror with laser-cut closure rail via spring mounted elements Alternatively with direct connection to the lower ceiling (hardly visible, because there is only a 2 mm offset) or in shadow groove version As standard with a 'Gravigen' drive system, i.e. closes without external power source, fire-resistant cables are not necessary Extreme widths of the smoke protection curtains up to 300 m and unrolled length up to 4 m (for curve radius > 4 m) Textile surface is gathered and stored below the ceiling on the closure module Closure module connected across entire smoke protection curtain length Optional: integrated lighting fixtures in the closure panel


    construction type

    textile smoke curtain


    Modutex 600 A2

    closing direction

    from top to bottom


    - Z - 56. 429 - 916

    closing cycle

    C self-closing

    guide type

    without side guides


    D 120 • classifications according to DIN EN 12101-1

    Triggering for

    authorized hold open device • provided by site

    Constructive structure - System drawing

    Drop length (AL)

    installation height (EH)

    0,1 m - 1,5 m

    560 mm

    1,5 m - 3,0 m

    700 mm

    3,0 m - 4,0 m

    800 mm



    design with direct attachment (2-3 mm thick) to the roof

    housing - design with direct attachment (2-3 mm thick) to the roof

    shadow slot finish (10-15 mm slot)

    housing - shadow slot finish (10-15 mm slot)