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    Here you can find easily the product of your choice. Please just enter the first letters of the product name and select the requested product from the shown list. The overview about our system portfolio you will find using the menue items.

    Product - Feststehende Rauchschürze

    Fixed smoke apron

    Cost-effective solution, when automatic smoke aprons are not required

    Product description

    Large dimensions are possible, unlimited widths, heights depending on prevailing wind pressure, pendulum suspended or fixed (in the side and bottom area), designed for time class and temperature load D=600°C, extremely low weight load on the building structure, fabric between 0.4 and 0.7 kg/sqm, very lightweight shield for continuous systems, e.g. tubes, ventilation lines, ventilation ducts, cable racks suitable (approved) also as a floor-closing smoke apron. The number of penetrations through the curtain can be continuously expanded and changed during the usage period.

    Feststehende Rauchschürze


    Textile smoke apron

    Proof of usability

    ASTM E84 (fabric)


    - Z - 56. 429 - 916


    D 60 • D 120 • DH 120 • Classification according to DIN EN 12101-1


    Constructive system design - System drawing



    System width

    System length


    ≤ 8.5 m

    Closing strips



    Closing strips - Standard


    On the ceiling

    Lateral wall mounting

    On the steel girder

    On the wall

    Lateral ceiling mounting

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