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    Here you can find easily the product of your choice. Please just enter the first letters of the product name and select the requested product from the shown list. The overview about our system portfolio you will find using the menue items.

    Product - Fiberseal-H


    The horizontal smoke protection curtain for ceiling openings

    Product description

    The horizontal smoke protection curtain for ceiling openings. The smoke protection curtain can be fitted below the ceiling or in the ceiling opening and is tested up to a width of 3 m and a drop length of 2.48 m. Larger dimensions are available on request. If required, tensioning cables attached at 1.5 m intervals provide the necessary stability to withstand the pressure load during a fire. Fiberseal-H is suitable for winding casings with floating or fixed bearings, and for roll-up casings with closing strip.



    Textile smoke protection curtains


    Ecotex 1100-B1


    UB III/B-05-020 (E 120)

    Closing direction

    from left to right • from right to left

    Fire resistance

    E 120

    Closing cycles


    Guide type

    Guide rails




    2017-04-28_Stöbich_Leistungsverzeichnis_Fiberseal-H [ DOCX / 274.06 KB ]

    Closing strips


    with safety contact strip

    Casing installation options

    Winding casing is mounted directly to the ceiling

    In ceiling embrasure


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