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    Here you can find easily the product of your choice. Please just enter the first letters of the product name and select the requested product from the shown list. The overview about our system portfolio you will find using the menue items.

    Product - ECClos-FLEX-S


    Foldable fire curtain as a revolutionary replacement for vertical conveyor shaft walls

    Product description

    As a partition-forming shielding system, the ECClos-FLEX-S is suitable for continuous or separate vertical conveyors with large dimensions - up to a circumference of 30 m and a height of 8 m. The system does not require supports and therefore allows an unrestricted view of the conveyor process. The vertical conveyor remains easily accessible at all times, for instance for maintenance and servicing. ECClos-FLEX-S offers enough freedom for customised solutions – rectangular ground areas or closed or open polygons are easily realised.



    Fire protection closure as part of track-bound conveyor systems



    Closing direction

    from top to bottom

    Fire resistance

    E 90 • E 120 • EW 60 • tested according to DIN EN 1366-7 • classified according to DIN EN 13501-2

    Closing cycles



    electromotive (standard)

    Conveyor system

    Floor conveyor


    Constructive system design - System drawing

    System scope (U)

    drop length (AL)


    h (Ecotex fabric)

    h (Heliotex EW fabric)

    ≤ 50 m

    ≤ 3 m


    125 mm

    250 mm

    ≤ 50 m

    ≤ 6 m


    225 mm

    450 mm

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